Our Deck volunteers serve a vital role in the continued operations of the VIRGINIA V. We have 7 positions on the vessel: Deck 4 to Deck 1, Bosun, Mate, and Captain. All positions require a drug screening, and the Captain position requires a 100-ton USCG Masters license. This page is designed as a resource for these crew members.

Deck Volunteer Advancement

The document below lays out the advancement procedures for all deck positions from Deck 4 to Captain. Please read this carefully when considering advancement in the deck department, and contact Alicia Barnes at alicia@virginia.org with any questions or comments.

Virginia V Deck Advancement Procedures.Approved.4.3.19

Position Skills Checklist 

These documents are to be used to meet the skills checklist requirement for each deck position.

Deck 3 Skills Checklist

Deck 2 Skills Checklist

Deck 1 Skills Checklist

Bosun Skills Checklist

Mate Skills Checklist

Captain Skills Checklist

Seatime Requirements

We require a minimum number of days of service at particular positions to achieve eligibility for advancement. These requirements are detailed in the document below.

Seatime Requirements for Advancement

Other Policy Documents

Virginia V Drug and Alcohol Policy

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